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This service for customization of the 2D-animation template you had been chosen. ViDiARTIST provide editing your template to your own brand's name and style!


2d animation

If you chosen a 2D animated templates from our collections, perhaps you would  like to customize for your desire . I will be  happy to help you to change for your template's colors, text, text-colors, and text-type. Also replace everything for your brand name.  Animations are  individual pieces, therefore,  I will discussed  with you all the details need to be done.


whiteboard sketch

The whiteboard 2D-animated templates are possible to customize for your taste. Changing text, text-style , text-color, and brand name to achieve a more suitable version for your business.

These templates  are also unique, therefore the editing process could be further discussed.



 I do not make any differences between 2D and 3D Mixed Media video templates editing , The reason for this because,  I need to change  same things on or both style. Example; text, ,logo, brand-name, colors etc.. Please click on this picture to find out what I able to help with different types of Mixed Media templates. Thank You.

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