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 This video needs some costumization for your desire. If you like to make changes, please, do not hesitate to write me a short request at my contact page's email section. I would be happy to help you with the editing process.

Downloadable file included one MP4 video format in Zip fie, without watermark.

Changeable: Text, some colors, sound and logo. Also,
I add more content if you like. You can bring your own project too.
Please, notice that; all templates are a little different in their editing process, therefore, I will let you know what else could be possible to change.


RESOLUTION: 1920 x 1080 pixels

LENGTH: 00:00:08

DOWNLOAD SIZE: 8.61 MB (Zip format)

Note: (This is a Zip format, It comes with  an extra video my 'Thank you' video. That is why it is bigger size than the product file.)

Thank you.

😁 ViDiARTIST, Csilla D. (Sheila)


  • Commercial Licence Apply

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