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Prices of Video Templates Editing

prices of video template's editing

Welcome to our customization services for the video templates you've purchased from our shop. The prices listed below apply to basic editing features of each template, such as changing colors, text or text type, text colors, template colors, replacing logos, photographs, and videos

(if applicable).

All prices include a $40 processing fee.

Any additional customization requests beyond the template's default features will be discussed via email, and a flat rate will be determined and added to the base price.

Please refer to the list below for flat-rate charges. These prices account for the time it takes to edit your video and render the final product. For instance, if you want to add more video clips, photographs, or artworks, or if adjustments to your logo or photographs are needed to seamlessly integrate into the video, these services are covered by the flat rate.

Additionally, this pricing includes the time spent searching for specific letter types, photographs, or any other content you wish to incorporate into your video.

Rest assured, I am committed to keeping my prices reasonable while ensuring the quality and customization you desire.


VIDEOS FROM 0-10 SECONDS         $ 50.00


VIDEOS FROM 10-20 SECONDS       $60.00


VIDEOS FROM 20-30 SECONDS      $ 70.00


VIDEOS FROM 30-40 SECONDS      $ 80.00


VIDEOS FROM 40-50 SECONDS      $ 90.00


VIDEOS FROM 60-70 SECONDS       $100.00


VIDEOS FROM 80-90 SECONDS      $ 110.00

VIDEOS FROM 90-100 SECONDS    $ 120.00


The displayed video templates are not lengthy; their duration is approximately between 0 and 3 minutes.

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