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editing 2D & 3D MIXED MEDIA

Please,  read trough this page, to get to know the detail about  what is possible to do with your already purchased template.

Thank you.



Photographs and videos, are usually changeable in slideshows templates. Also, changeable text, text-style or text-type, and text-colors and template's colors for your desire. Logo and sound replaceable and more content can be add to your video. Some templates has limitation, so I will let you know what may possible to do, (or not to do) with your chosen template.



I able to change template's colors, replace logo and  some cases change photograph or background-images or videos.

Alter text if it has any. Adding  more contents if you like. (Example; more videos, slideshows, pictures) etc.. All Logo-Reveals templates are unique so I will inform you what is could be possible to do with your template.



It's possible to change template-colors, text, text-style,  text-type and text colors. Also, logo and background-photos or videos (if has any).  I replace or change social-media icons for your needs. Change sound. Add more content like different video-templates or your own creation of  photograph or art-work or video-clip also possible.

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